April 30, 2020

A while ago we took a closer look at our carbon footprint at PPURA. This is how we came up with the idea of producing completely carbon-neutral products. We started off with our pasta sauces and pestos, which were evaluated by an independent institute: Starting with the cultivation of vegetables, through processing and up to the shipment of the final goods, all steps were evaluated in terms of emissions. Although we already make a point in producing regionally, seasonally and with solar power only, this still left us with a small carbon footprint. To make up for this and receive a certification as a carbon-neutral product, we invested in projects compensating our carbon emissions. We selected a well-documented UNESCO project, planting native trees in Costa Rica┬┤s hillcountry as part of a reforestation programme. Of course this means that in order to become certified carbon-neutral we have to invest part of our profits in climate projects. However, for a sustainable and socially responsible company like ours this is a matter of honour and it makes us very proud to be the manufacturers of the first certified carbon-neutral pasta sauces and pestos.