About us - PPURA


100% pure – just like we are used to from our Mammas.

We are foodies because of our Mamma’s cooking. But sometimes – due to lack of time – even we turn to convenience products from the supermarket. And then we wonder why can’t they be as natural and yummy as our mothers’ dishes? This is how the idea sprang to life to produce pasta and sauces with lots of love and high-quality ingredients. Naturally, our Mammas Luisa and Lina – not only the best cooks in the world, but also the fussiest – support us with a combined cooking expertise of more than 100 years.



Who we are. What we do.

Cemal is Maurizio’s cousin and due to him, the PPURA family never runs out of ideas. Because of his passion for good food he represents the first of the two Ps in PPURA – la passione.

Mauriziois Cemal’s cousin and he makes sure that our PPURA products taste like homemade by Mamma. He is constantly working on perfecting our products and represents the second P of PPURA – la perfezione.

Luisa & Lina are Cemal and Maurizio’s Mammas. They support their boys with their profound knowledge gained through their passion for cooking. The strict Mamma jury has the final say with their verdict “100% authentic, just like mamma`s”. In other words, without their ‘va bene’ no product is placed in the market!



What is important to us.


Animal welfare is an important topic for us. Which is why we do not want to use meat for our products. And we make sure that dairy products and eggs used as ingredients come from small farms taking good care of their animals.

100% Organic ingredients:

We are against pesticides, genetic engineering, etc. We actively support sustainable agriculture thinking of our grandchildren’s generation.

0% flavors and additives:

We do not use artificial flavours, fillers or additives. Why? Because it’s healthy and tastes so much better.

Crafted in Italy:

All PPURA products are manufactured in Italy – slowly and with lots of love.

5 % Profit for Kids:

We donate at least 5% of our profits to charities that enable a healthy and balanced nutrition for children of needy families.

It is our firm believe that companies should contribute to climate protection. For this reason, our pasta sauces and pestos are certified as climate positive, i.e. with each glass you extract twice as much CO2 from the atmosphere as is produced. Find out more about our climate positive certification here.